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I am launching an online fashion project today, called #looksIlove.


The idea is simple. As I go about my day-to-day life I see lots of people, who are also going about their day-to-day lives, who look fantastic. They look fantastic because they have put time, effort and thought into how they are going to present themselves. They are people of all races, genders, ages….. I don’t discriminate. They are not usually wearing head-to-toe high-end clothing brands, nor are they necessarily dressed to kill – whatever that means. But they nevertheless catch your eye.


I always ask if I can take someone’s picture, and explain why I want to do so. Often, people say no, and that is fine. But if they are happy to let me take their picture, I take several, and let them choose which one they like best. I post the picture on Instagram, and, if they are on Instagram too, I tag them.


I intend to run the project for a year, and to post two or three times per week. If life intervenes and this is not possible, please bear with me!


I don’t believe that fashion is purely about shopping, and never have done. Fashion is not just an industry. I believe that fashion is about creativity in dress, and the presentation of the self in the world. People who do that in interesting ways catch my eye, and I’m sure they catch yours too.


If you’d like to follow the #looksIlove project, come and find me on Instagram – @thefashionprofessor.


My Instagram feed is open to all, and positive comments are always welcome. Regrams are also fine – share the #love!



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